I am both honoured and excited to be appointed as the first Headteacher of Coombe Wood School. My focus in education has always been to make the biggest positive difference I can for the development of young learners.  Coombe Wood School presents a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

Years of meticulous planning from Folio Education Trust has already gone into creating the foundations to make Coombe Wood School a truly special place. One where pupils can thrive academically as well as developing their self-esteem and maturity through individual Health Related Fitness programmes and a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities.

I have worked for seven years as Deputy Headteacher in an outstanding secondary school and played professional and semi-professional sport for many years prior to that. I look forward to using this wealth of experience and working very hard along with my inaugural team of staff to guide the pupils at Coombe Wood School to discover and achieve their personal best in the classroom, in their Health Related Fitness goals and in their wider development as they grow and mature into fantastic young adults. 

We can now begin the exciting task of recruiting a brand new team of staff to deliver my vision of an outstanding school - one where progress is built on positive relationships. Yes there will be non-negotiable rules.  Outstanding schools don’t exist without them.  But, they simply serve to support the many positive interactions that pupils will have every day in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities and importantly in the sporting and Health Related Fitness opportunities that form the ethos of Coombe Wood School. 

Staff will be working very hard to make classrooms fun and engaging places where  pupils can explore, discover and achieve their personal best. It is these learning environments that we will cherish at Coombe Wood School. My senior team and I will have a total focus on supporting positive learning environments by visiting every lesson every day and being around the pupils at all times to ensure their safety and happiness.   

           I want every one of our pupils to be known, nurtured and challenged to be the best person they can be. I want them to be proud to                             be part of Coombe Wood School and to enjoy the fantastic opportunity that they have to create history as our first pupils!

           Barry Laker