Coombe Wood School has five core values which are at the heart of all that we do.  They will provide consistent direction amongst students, staff and parents alike, whilst permeating and shaping every aspect of school life.

  • Teamwork - working together and effectively participating is the most satisfying feeling for any young person in seeking their next positive experience.  There is comfort in numbers when things go well and when things don't.  Remembering the core belief that a school should not have any 'islands' within it, the school community will act like a team around the individual to ensure they feel loved and well supported.  Even the person working on their own like a time trial cyclist has a team behind them which projects them into a winning position.  A student struggling to understand a key concept in maths can be supported by their friends, their teacher and their parents.  Together they can aspire, together they will achieve.
  • Respect - people learn from the habits of others - parents, friends and teachers.  A school which has weak links of respect within it fails to model the way to excellence.  Modeling high expectations and high standards for others is the first step to gaining respect and creating a healthy environment which shares and celebrates people's achievements.  People give respect to those who are genuine in their intentions and who work tirelessly for the benefit of others.  When respect can be held for another person there becomes a more positive relationship which in turn develops trust.  Trust creates an environment where anything is possible.
  • Enjoyment - when people are enjoying themselves they hold their head up high and look around them.  When they are unhappy their head drops and they miss out on so many opportunities.  Schools are full of opportunities for students, staff and parents.  The school community therefore, must offer enjoyable and memorable experiences for people.  All students and staff must open their eyes in the morning and be excited about what lies ahead.  The goal is that staff and students wake up in the morning and say to themselves; 'today is going to be a great day'.  Life moves fast so you might as well enjoy it.  Even when things are tough don't turn your back, don't give up.  Enjoy and embrace the challenge knowing that when you win you will be happy and when you have lost but done your best you will be satisfied.
  • Discipline - every school has a behaviour policy but discipline needs to run deeper than this.  Discipline is more to do with conduct.  The way in which a person self-regulates their behaviour.  To have self-discipline means that a calm environment can be maintained at all times.  People must be thoughtful of others in their words and actions to create opportunities to succeed.  To be successful, specific pathways must be followed.  If people falter along their journey it may mean they fail to reach their personal best.  To be disciplined means to embrace the message of the law and produce energy which others can feed upon.  Living a disciplined life inside and outside of the school, making the right choices and meeting with triumph and disaster with the same positive attitude will lead to a well-rounded and well-grounded existence.
  • Sportsmanship - when things are difficult people must be encouraged to have a go and show endeavour.  To opt out and turn your back on your team mates or the task in hand fails to improve our intellect and understanding.  People must all try their hardest in everything, knowing that should they falter along the journey there is always someone to support them and give them the recognition they deserve.  There is nothing more satisfying than giving something your all and being able to say to others when the battle is over - 'well done I admire your courage'.  Sportsmanship displays more than self-regulated discipline or team work.  It is an empathetic attitude which benefits and celebrates others' achievements.  A school community which is permeated with sportsmanship enjoys the challenge and shows respect for the work that those within the community demonstrate.