National Offers Day 1st March 2019

If you have received an offer from Coombe Wood School, we would like to extend our congratulations and we look forward to welcoming all our new students in September.  Please accept your offer before the 15th March 2019 deadline.  Induction packs will be sent out by the end of next week, this will contain all the important information that you and your child will need to know as well as information about our induction day.  

If Coombe Wood School was your first choice and you did not receive an offer from us, please be advised that Croydon Admissions automatically place your child on the waiting list.  We do not hold this waiting list and we cannot provide you with any information at this time as to where your child is placed.   Please contact Croydon Admissions if you would like to discuss your options.  We will have more information about waiting lists after the first round offers deadline has passed.

If you require any advice or have a question regarding admissions please email please be aware that this is an extremely busy time for our Admissions Department.  Please be reminded that Croydon Admissions will be your first point of contact for the majority of queries at this time.