Coombe Wood School


Coombe Wood School is part of Folio Education Trust (FET), and although we work very closely with the Trust, the day to day governance of the school is carried out by the Local Governing Board (LGB).  The Local Governing Board help the school in implementing a strong Culture and Ethos and are responsible for monitoring performance and holding school leaders to account through adopting the role of a “critical friend”.

The structure and remit of the Board of Trustees and members can be viewed here.

Local Advisors attend Local Governing Board meetings twice a term; these meetings have a different focus to cover relevant aspects of school evaluation and development.   

LGB Education (one meeting per term) covers the following:
  • Outcomes for Pupils (To include SEND & Pupil Premium)
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Leadership & Management – Evaluation and Development Objectives

LGB People (one meeting per term) covers the following:

  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (To include Safeguarding & Child Protection)
  • Health & Safety including Educational Visits
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership & Management – Evaluation and Development Objectives

In order to share the workload Lead Advisors are appointed for each of these areas; Advisors visit the school to keep up to date on these areas.

The Local Governing Board is made up of volunteers from the parent body, staff, and the wider community.  The names of the current members are set out below.

As interim chair of the Local Governing Board I can be contacted via the school office.

Rosemary Baylis-West
Interim Chair of CWS Local Governing Board

Coombe Wood School Local Governing Board are:

Position Name Role
Interim Chair of Local Advisory Board Ms R Baylis- West

Lead Advisor Leadership and Management, Health & Safety (Educational Visits)

Headteacher Mr B Laker  
Parent Local Advisor Mrs C Trivedi Lead Advisor Quality of Education Curriculum Intent and Impact

Parent Local Advisor

Mrs S Chaudhuri Lead Advisor Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) and Disadvantaged Students

Co-opted Local Advisor

Mr J Shabazz Lead Advisor Safeguarding & Child Protection
Co-opted Local Advisor and  Vice-Chair  Mrs B Chambers Lead Advisor Leadership and  Management and Financial Management 
Teaching Staff Mr T Clarke  

We are currently looking for a School Governor to join us, please see the attached information and application form.

School Governor Advert

Trustee Application Form


Ms Baylis- West can be contacted via the school office, the email and postal address can be found here.

Meeting Attendance & LGB Members Registered Interests