Coombe Wood School

Health Related Fitness

Coombe Wood School is not a ‘sports college', we are a school that has a relentless focus on Health-Related Fitness through our core values - TEAMWORK, RESPECT, ENJOYMENT, DISCIPLINE and SPORTSMANSHIP. Every student follows an individual HRF plan, which motivates them to make remarkable HRF progress. This happens in an individual and private way, from the student who has never played sport or even thought about HRF before, to our elite athletes (some but not all of whom may have gained a place via our sporting aptitude assessment) who are already competing at a high standard of sport outside of school - and everyone in between.  With the latest fitness tracking technology in place, our less confident HRF students can visibly see themselves getting fitter, this is likely to inspire them to want to compete in a chosen sport. Our afternoon Games lessons gives students the platform to begin to do this, as do our sporting House competitions and our after-school clubs.

We have committed to investing in MyZone technology to provide HRF monitoring belts for every student. HRF is not competitive across students, the only competition is each student pushing themselves along, and the systems and technology we have in place enables students to see and take inspiration from the progress they are making on a daily basis. We are rigorous in ensuring that no student ‘slips through the net’ and is allowed to ignore their HRF plans.  We celebrate the HRF progress students make but equally they are not allowed to be passive in this area.  Our HRF programme is a real and positive step towards better student well-being, self-esteem, confidence and concentration.