Coombe Wood School

Message from the Trust CEO

In November 2014 the dream of opening a brand new secondary school to serve the  children and families of Croydon began. Part of the Free School Programme, Coombe  Wood School opened its doors in September 2018. Designing the building and  creating a broad and balanced curriculum alongside a framework for effective pastoral  care has been one of my proudest moments in education, something I would  encourage every school leader to do, and something I will never forget. Walking into  the School is always a pleasure and a privilege. 

Having worked in education for over 25 years and having experienced a range of  educational settings, Coombe Wood School has been designed to incorporate all of  the things which work. Still on a journey until it reaches capacity, the School is  continually evaluating and implementing the necessary changes which will see it  become one of Croydon's most successful schools over time. 

Underlying every aspect of school life and pinned together by a set of strong core  values which are owned by all children and staff (TEAMWORK, RESPECT,  ENJOYMENT, DISCIPLINE and SPORTSMANSHIP), the School is working towards  being the healthiest school in the UK, prioritising participation in a healthy lifestyle. The  School firmly believes that all children are to be supported to be 'Fit for Movement, Fit  for Learning, Fit for Life.' This mantra means that all children are encouraged to make  and understand healthy choices whilst at the same time building confidence to become  role models for others, good citizens and future leaders. Feeling safe, healthy and  happy at school are an essential part of the Coombe Wood diet which equates to  academic excellence over time. 

I encourage you to visit the School and become part of the irresistible culture of  discovering and then reaching your personal best. 

Mr J J Wilden 

CEO, Folio Education Trust