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The focus on learning and teaching at CWS is relentless. Whether it be teachers planning exciting lessons, students engaging and working to their very best, parents sending their children to school in stunning uniform after a good night's sleep or indeed the backroom staff at CWS making sure everything runs smoothly, it is fair to say that lots of people invest every day in making our classrooms special places of learning. Our job is to make sure they stay special, every lesson, every day. That is why we the leadership group visit every lesson every day.  In addition to this, all staff will be training as examiners as part of their professional development so that when it comes to preparing students for GCSEs, they know what the markers are looking for and can pass this expertise directly on to their students.

We are also part of Folio Education Trust and as such have adopted many of the curriculum and assessment practices put in place by our partner school, Wallington County Grammar School, to further enhance the outstanding provision we offer to our students. 

We do not just have happy students, we have students who are going places and who, as our mission statement says, are given every opportunity to discover and reach their true personal bests. 

Key Academic Dates 2023- 24

Curriculum Evening Slides 2023-2024

Year 7 Curriculum Evening - September 2023Year 8 Curriculum Evening - October 2023Year 9 Curriculum Evening - October 2023Year 10 Curriculum Evening - September 2023Year 11 Curriculum Evening - September 2023

Copies of each year group Curriculum Booklet can be viewed below. 

Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

Year 8 Curriculum Booklet

Year 9 Curriculum Booklet

KS4 Curriculum Booklet