Coombe Wood School

KS3 Literacy Programme

How is literacy promoted at Coombe Wood School? 

Literacy is undoubtedly a key priority for Coombe Wood School and all members of staff feel passionate about ensuring that students are well-prepared for all future challenges that may await them. Literacy is promoted at Coombe Wood School through the following: 

  • Literacy workshops that students complete during PM registration on Tuesdays. These have been designed by our literacy co-ordinator in order to both support and challenge.
  • High frequency words for each subject are collated each half term and given to parents. Students may refer to these words in order to improve their comprehension, spelling and to feel more prepared and comfortable about their use in class. 
  • Students are given personalised reading lists in order to encourage independent reading.
  • We have invested in an innovative literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Vocabulary. It is a website that helps children to learn critical academic vocabulary. Parents are also able to log on to see what vocabulary their children are learning and how their child is progressing.
  • Targeted literacy intervention groups run throughout the year in order to work with students who may need a little more support with spelling or other key literacy skills.

  • Students take part in teacher-led guided reading once a fortnight. This helps to improve both comprehension and analytical skills and the breadth of their vocabulary.

High Frequency Words - Term 1 (2022 - 2023) Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12