Coombe Wood School



The deadline for CAF applications (2022 Entry) is 31 October 2021 and needs to be made via Croydon Council or your own local Borough council. Please read the CWS Admissions Arrangements for 2022 and Admissions Overview for 2021 HERE

 For anyone who has booked for their child / children to participate in the OPTIONAL HRF Assessment in October please ensure you arrive at the correct time and date of your confirmed booking. HRF Assessment waiting lists are currently being processed and we will be in touch with you shortly.

If your child participates in the OPTIONAL HRF Assessment please ensure you add CWS on to the CAF. You do not have to do anything else and details of all successful participants and ranking details will be sent to Croydon Council's Admissions department. Your child does not have to take part in the HRF Assessment to add the school to the your CAF.


The deadline to apply for the OPTIONAL  HRF Assessment has now passed.

You can still add Coombe Wood School to your CAF even if your child has not taken part in the OPTIONAL HRF Assessment.