Coombe Wood School

Health Related Fitness Assessment FAQ's

Information for students and parents in relation to Health Related Fitness Assessment (formerly called the Sports Aptitude Test) used at CWS.

There is a significant difference between playing sport (whether competitively or recreationally), liking sport and having a highly ranked ‘aptitude’ for Health Related Fitness (HRF). We must not confuse the ability to take part in activities linked to HRF, or to succeed in sport with the potential for someone to take advantage of the sports facilities at Coombe Wood School. The School is there for all children of all abilities although through the HRF Assessment it hopes to identify 10% of its Pupil Admission Number (PAN) who will take advantage of the School’s facilities and ethos.

The School defines HRF as the ability to reach your personal best in activities that will allow you to develop and enhance your well-being. This can be linked to activities such as the playing of sport and also in other essential life choices linked to health and well-being.