Coombe Wood School

Health Related Fitness

Coombe Wood School will reserve within its admission arrangements, 10% of its PAN for children living outside of the catchment area who will take advantage of the School's facilities and ethos.

The School defines Health Related Fitness (HRF) as the ability to reach your personal best in activities that will allow you to develop and enhance your well-being. This can be linked to activities such as the playing of sport and also in other essential life choices linked to health and well-being.

IMPORTANT - if your child or children successfully completed a Health Related Fitness assessment  you MUST select Coombe Wood School as one of your choices on the Common Application Form (CAF).

If you have not selected Coombe Wood School on the CAF then your child will not be eligible to be considered for a place under the Health Related Fitness criteria regardless of whether your child has taken the test.  Selecting Coombe Wood School on the CAF is the responsibility of the parent/carer and not the School.

You can book your HRF Assessment by completing the online form here.

Health Related Fitness Assessment FAQs