Coombe Wood School

Information for Year 7 Entry 2024

Key information for Year 7 Entry

On 1st March 2024 (National Offer Day) you will receive notification from your Local Authority whether or not you have been successful in being offered a place at Coombe Wood School.

 If you have been offered a place at Coombe Wood School, please ensure that you have accepted your school place with Croydon Admissions and that you have also accepted and returned your offer letter and a copy of your child's birth certificate to Admissions at Coombe Wood School. Information is detailed in the offer letter.

If you wish to decline your offer, please do let the school know of your decision by returning the offer letter as well as informing the Local Authority.

Parents must accept or decline their offered places by the 15th March to be guaranteed a place at the school offered.


Waiting List for Year 7

If your child is unsuccessful in being offered a place on National Offers Day due to being allocated a lower preference than Coombe Wood, they will automatically be placed on our waiting list with Croydon Council Admissions.

We will not know the details or places on the waiting list while the first round of offers and declines are being processed. Following this further offers are sent out by Croydon Council Admissions as and when spaces become available.

Only after 24th April 2024 are we able to advise parents of their child’s position on our waiting list. We do however please ask that you do not contact the school concerning the position as only if a space becomes available and your child reaches the top of the list will you be informed of the vacancy.

Croydon Council does advise parents to accept the school they have been offered to avoid not having a place in September. If a parent rejects the offer given they could be left on long waiting lists and could eventually end up with a school further away.

Please be advised that the Waiting List for Year 7 entry will stay in operation until the end of the Autumn term (so from March 2024 to December 2024)

At Coombe Wood School the average waiting list for New Year 7 March to December is 550 - 650

Should you still wish to remain on the list you will need to re-apply at the end of December by filling out an In-Year/Mid-Year Application through Croydon Council Admissions Website