Coombe Wood School

CWS Open Evening and School Tours

The CWS Open Evening for Admissions in 2022 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 22 September 2021 from 3.30pm - 8.00pm with last admissions at 7.45pm.  NO BOOKING IS REQUIRED.

Our school is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and community by promoting sustainable modes of travel. Open days cause vast disruption to local communities through traffic congestion and as a result, there is increased air pollution. We ask those attending the open evening to support our school's efforts and travel to the site via active modes of travel or public transport.

  • Our nearest tram stop is Lloyd Park - 2 to 5 minute walk.

  • The 64 and 433 buses stop on Croham Road - 5 to 10 minute walk.

If you have no alternative to driving, then please aim to ‘park and stride’ by parking at least a 5-10 minute walk away from the site then walking the remainder of the journey to reduce the impact on the local environment and community. Please note that apart from disability parking there is no parking on site due to staff parking and our safe parents / carers collection zone for student helpers.

There will be an opportunity to visit the school in October 2021 and dates for school tours will be made available to book after the Open Evening has taken place. 

The 'OPTIONAL'  HRF Assessment booking platform is available here.  Please read the Admissions 2022 Arrangements in advance.  For more information about the HRF Assessments please visit the FAQ page HERE. 

Please check the website on a regular basis for further updates.  



Any visitor experiencing COVID symptoms must not enter the school site and if COVID symptoms develop during a visit, must declare this and return to reception immediately to either leave the site or seek medical help from office staff. 

We continue to employ multiple COVID safe measures to keep our school community safe. Below is a summary of the ones that visitors must familiarise themselves with before entering the school site: 

● Posters are displayed throughout the school reminding everyone of infection control procedures, e.g. regular hand washing, catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue and disposing of the tissue in a bin, not touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 

● Everyone is encouraged to use the sanitisers found in all classrooms and at key points around the school at very regular intervals. (Please ensure you have sanitised in reception before crossing our secure line. 

● Sufficient amounts of soap and/or hand sanitiser, paper towels and bins are supplied in areas such as bathrooms and regular use is also encouraged by all. 

● Wearing of face coverings is welcomed and encouraged especially in confined and crowded indoor areas, although this remains a matter of personal choice. 

● Classrooms are kept well ventilated as much as is practical and possible. 

● Weather permitting, students remain outside for general social time before school and at break/lunch. 

● The additional all day cleaning of toilets and key touch points put in place last academic year will be continued. 

● PPE will continue to be worn by CWS First Aid staff needing to administer close contact medical care. 

● The COVID isolation room will continue to be used for students, staff or visitors who develop symptoms at school until such time as they can safely go home.