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Coombe Wood School



At Coombe Wood School, we believe homework should be meaningful and not just assigned for the sake of it. Here are some key points about our homework structure:

  • Purposeful Homework: Homework at CWS is set to reinforce class learning, prepare for upcoming topics, revisit previous topics to keep knowledge fresh, and revise for assessments.

  • Flexible Schedule: There is no fixed homework timetable or suggested duration. Homework typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, and students will ideally have some homework each night. We monitor and adjust the workload to ensure a balanced approach.

  • Adapted Tasks: Homework will be tailored to provide the right level of challenge for each student.

  • Reasonable Deadlines: Students will have at least 48 hours to complete homework. We avoid next-day deadlines.

  • Google Classroom: All homework will be set on Google Classroom. Students can log in to see their tasks, and parents/carers will be invited to join Google Classrooms for each subject.

  • Student Diaries: Students will record brief details of their homework, including the subject, task, and due date, in their diaries. This helps them take ownership and have a personal record in addition to Google Classroom.

  • Homework Detention: If homework is not completed and submitted on time, students will have a one-hour after-school detention. Parents should contact the school in advance if there is a genuine reason for incomplete homework. This detention will involve completing the homework with the relevant teacher and possibly additional tasks to fill the hour.

  • Curriculum Booklets: These booklets support learning by suggesting tasks and activities students can do at home. We encourage students to use these resources in addition to their homework to develop independent learning habits.

We appreciate your support in maintaining a zero-tolerance approach to incomplete homework to ensure consistency and high standards.