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Coombe Wood School

Our Staff


Ms N. Williams Headteacher
Dr N.  Choudhury Deputy Headteacher
Ms C. Boateng Assistant Headteacher
Mr J. Brack Assistant Headteacher
Mr W. Smith Assistant Headteacher
Mr A. Vass Assistant Headteacher
Mr C. Weir Assistant Headteacher
Ms E. Cragg Associate Senior Leader & Head of English

Teaching Staff

Ms R.  Adwubi Teacher of Science
Mr A.  Ahmed Teacher of Science
Mr Z.  Aiken-Simon Teacher of Music
Mr H.  Al-Calaph Teacher of History
Ms N.  Allen Teacher of HRF
Mr A.  Anderson Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J.  Anderson Teacher of English
Ms L. Baldock Teacher of Design and Technology
Ms J. Binfield Teacher of Dance
Mr A.  Blythman Head of Year 9 and Teacher of Health Related Fitness
Ms N.  Bonsu Teacher of English
Ms C. Chirnside Teacher of Art and Design
Mrs I.  Crosdale Teacher of Religious World
Ms E.  Danielson Teacher of Health Related Fitness
Mr G. Day Head of Geography
Ms L. Day Teacher of Art and Design
Mr F.  De Souza Teacher of Mathematics
Ms A-K. Dennis Teacher of Mathematics
Ms R. Devine Head of Drama
Mr C. Dobson Head of Evolve
Ms R.  Faulkner Teacher of English
Mr D. Flowers Teacher of Mathematics
Ms M.  Franklin Teacher of Mathematics 2nd in Charge
Ms V. Freire Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms L. Gamble Teacher of Mathematics
Ms N.  Garcia Head of History
Ms G. Goddy Teacher of French
Mrs J.  Goteni Teacher of Food and Textiles
Mrs K.  Hadjipavlis Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms S. Hale Teacher of English and English Literacy Lead
Mr R. Harrison Head of Creative Arts
Ms. N  Hemming Head of Biology
Mr C.  Hogan Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr R.  Jones Head of Year 10 and Teacher of Science
Mr M. Kabba Head of Year 11 and  Teacher of Economics
Ms C. Kaye Head of Year 12 and Teacher of Health Related Fitness
Ms E.  Kennedy Teacher of English
Ms D. Kerk Head of Year 8, Head of PSHE and Teacher of Dance
Ms Z. Kerslake Subject Lead of Food and Nutrition
Ms C. Knox Teacher Computing and Careers Lead
Ms S. Man Head of Year 7 and Teacher of Evolve
Ms L.  Mashford Teacher of Art and Design
Mr J. Mensah Teacher of Science
Ms M.  Mercer Teacher of Mathematics and KS5 Lead / KS4 Core Maths Lead
Ms F. Mohseni Teacher of Science
Ms E. O'Connor Teacher of MFL
Ms N. Orchard Teacher of Psychology
Mr R. Osborn Teacher of Science and KS3 Lead
Ms N. Owusu Head of Business Studies
Mr S.  Phaladi Teacher of Science and STEM Lead
Ms A. Potkins Head of Health Related Fitness
Ms T.  Reid Acting Head of Science
Ms T. Reid-Minto Teacher of English
Ms I.  Singh Head of Computer Science
Ms E. Simner Teacher of History
Ms D.  Tobias Teacher of Geography
Ms M. Watson Teacher of Religious World
Ms D. Wells Head of Music
Mr M. Womack Teacher of Health Related Fitness
Mr G. Woods Head of Mathematics
Ms T. Wright Head of Latin & Classics
Ms P. Yadave Head of Learning and Support and Teacher of Evolve

Support Staff

Ms S.  Abed El-Razek Office Manager
Mr D.  Annon Behaviour Support Assistant
Mrs N.  Bailey Science Technician
Mr S.  Barjona Teaching Assistant
Ms N.  Beattie Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms S.  Begum Cover Supervisor
Ms N.  Benadjel Teaching Assistant
Mrs N.  Difolco PA to Headteacher
Ms M. Doe Senior Science Technician
Ms H. Ellis Attendance Officer
Ms E. Field Teaching Assistant
Ms S.  Fisher Teaching Assistant
Ms S. Gordon Food Technician
Mrs H. Hammond Human Resources Manager
Ms J.  Hansen Office Reception
Ms S.  Herft Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Howe Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr R. Huie Behaviour Support Manager
Ms S. Ismael Office Administration Assistant
Mr S. Jackson Data Manager
Mrs D. James Inclusion & Transition Manager
Ms L. Keane Teaching Assistant
Ms T.  Leggatt Child Protection Officer
Ms K.  Macaskill SEND Administrator
Ms K. Marks Admissions Officer
Ms R.  McGuire Exams Manager
Ms A.  Mitchell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms N.  Natarajan 6th Form Administrative and Pastoral Officer
Ms H.  Schofield Library Manager
Ms J.  Toomey Teaching Assistant
Mr M. Turner Sports Technician
Mr T. Williams Teaching Assistant
Ms S.  De Suze-Watson Teaching Assistant
Ms U.  Sorbotten Teaching Assistant


Ms K. Bayram Senior Catering Assistant
Ms R.  Bogdanova Catering Assistant
Ms M.  Cox Catering Assistant
Ms K.  Drakes-Williams Assistant Cook
Ms N.  Hodgkinson Catering Assistant
Ms S.  Innes Chef Manager
Ms. Z  Mokbel Catering Assistant
Ms C.  Sillince Catering Assistant
Ms A.  Young Catering Assistant


Mr R.  Belton Site Supervisor
Mr E.  Kaliszewski Site Supervisor
Mr J. Kean Site Assistant