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Coombe Wood School

Report a Student Absence

Using ClassCharts for Absences 

If your child is unwell, it's important to notify the school promptly. You can report their absence via ClassCharts, available for download on your mobile device from the app store or Google Play. Please inform the school before 8:00 am with your child's full name, form, form tutor's name, and a brief reason for their absence. Log this information for each day your child is unable to attend. For instances of sickness or diarrhea, ensure your child remains at home until 24 hours after symptoms have ceased.

Managing Illness at School 

Should your child become ill during school hours, they should go directly to the school office. The office will contact you if your child is too unwell to stay at school. Please note, students should not use personal mobile phones to contact parents or carers.

Planned Absences 

For planned absences like medical appointments, please schedule these outside school hours whenever possible. If attendance during school hours is necessary, provide a note to your child's Form Tutor at least three days before the appointment and submit a copy to the school office. Parents should be ready to collect their child from school after the appointment.

Leave of Absence 

Leave of absence requests are considered for exceptional circumstances, such as compassionate grounds. If you need to request leave, complete the required form and submit it to the Headteacher for approval.

Click here to fill in the Leave of Absence form.