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Coombe Wood School


Safeguarding Team

At Coombe Wood School, we firmly believe that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our young people is a shared responsibility. This commitment encompasses all actions aimed at ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of our students, helping them achieve the best possible outcomes and creating a safe environment conducive to learning.

Child protection is a critical aspect of our safeguarding responsibilities, specifically focused on protecting students identified as being at risk of significant harm, whether inside or outside the school premises. We work collaboratively with various agencies to ensure comprehensive support for our students, both within the school and in the broader community.

All staff members receive comprehensive safeguarding training annually, supplemented by regular updates in accordance with government policies and the latest guidance outlined in "Keeping Children Safe in Education." This ensures that our practices are always aligned with current standards and best practice.

Our dedicated Pastoral Team works diligently to ensure that both staff and students feel empowered to report any concerns, knowing their voices will be heard. We prioritise a multi-agency approach, collaborating with external partners such as social services, healthcare providers, and law enforcement to provide a robust support network for our students. This teamwork helps us address and mitigate risks, ensuring that students are safe and able to focus on their learning.

By fostering a secure and supportive environment, we aim to support our students throughout their school journey, giving them the best opportunity to lead happy, healthy lives as adults and achieve their full academic potential.