Coombe Wood School

General Information

General Information for Coombe Wood School

Version February 2024

Students are expected to be on the school site by 8.25am. 

They should come to school with a well stocked pencil case for their lessons with the items listed below.

  • Sharpened Pencils
  • Ruler Metal
  • Compass
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Glue Stick
  • Protractor
  • Eraser
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Writing Pens/Biros (black/purple/red)
  • For Mathematics - Students will need to have a calculator, preferably a scientific one.

School Uniform

On the days that students have HRF, Games or Dance, students should come to school in their HRF kit and wear it for the whole day. However, if they don’t have these subjects during the day, they must come to school in their full school uniform (no trainers) and if they have a sports club after school they should bring in their kit to get changed at the end of the day.

For more detailed information on the CWS uniform, please visit our website:

Uniform/Care of Possessions

All clothes and kit MUST be clearly marked with your child's name and the markings renewed regularly. The School takes no responsibility for the loss of any technological devices or valuables (including jewellery/watches etc.) and will not investigate any loss.

Students are encouraged to hand in valuables during extra curricular sporting activities or take their belongings with them to the sporting area. For HRF & Games lessons bags will remain in the teaching space with students. 


Please can you ensure that your child arrives at school with all kit and equipment needed for the day ahead as they are not allowed to call home for forgotten items. 

Lost Property

Please can you ask your child to look in Lost Property (in the main office) if they’ve lost anything as everything will be disposed of at the end of each half term (it will be donated to CWSA or charity shop).


The School is not responsible for the loss of any articles by students.  Named items of lost property will be returned to their owners where possible. 

Student Diaries

These are issued yearly for students in Year 7-9.  They serve as homework diaries and are a means of contact between home and school. The diary contains weekly pages which may be used for messages to  parents/carers from staff and vice-versa. Parents/carers are asked to sign the diary on a weekly basis. Students must carry their diaries at all times. New diaries will be issued at the beginning of each school year. Students will be expected to pay for the replacement of any diary lost or defaced.

School Office

The school office hours are from 8am until 4pm Monday to Friday.

Correspondence with school

Please can you state your child’s full name and Tutor Group in any correspondence with the school. All enquiries or messages for teachers should be addressed to - they will then be forwarded to the relevant member of staff.

Absence/Late reporting

We exclusively use ClassCharts to report absences:

  • Illness (by 8am) on each day of the illness, including symptoms each day

  • Appointments (proof of appointment must be uploaded and should be done in advance, giving as much notice as possible.

  • Lates (you can use the ‘reason for absence’ area to leave a message relating to lateness and should be done before the arrival of the student.)

Leave of Absence Request Forms must be completed and submitted with any supporting evidence for consideration for authorisation in advance, for planned absences..

Please note that CWS does not authorise any absence without exceptional circumstances, during term time and must be supported by evidence.

 If you wish to speak to someone about Attendance, call 020 8289 4745

Option 1 for Years 7-11

Option 3 for Sixth Form


Please can you try as far as possible to make medical/dental appointments outside of school hours. We appreciate this is not always possible and where this is the case, please report this appointment via ClassCharts only - where you must upload a copy of the appointment letter as evidence. If you give permission for the student to leave on their own, please specify this otherwise we will assume that you will be collecting them from school reception. 

Car Park

If you are dropping or collecting your child by car, please be aware that there is a thirty minute window of time before parking charges apply in the CWS car park. If you are collecting by car and think you may need to wait for longer than thirty minutes for whatever reason, please arrange to meet your child in the Lloyd Park car park where you are able to obtain a free three hour parking ticket upon arrival. 

 If you are attending a meeting at school, please ensure you enter your registration details on the car park iPad as well as signing in on the visitor sign-in iPad.

 If you are collecting your child following a fixture and the minibus is delayed returning, parents can go to reception and enter their registration details on the iPad. The main office closes at 4pm, after that you can go to the reception in the HRF block to enter your details. If for any reason you’re unable to do this, please call the school the following day and we’ll add you onto the system.

 Please be aware that if you do receive a parking fine, the school is unable to deal with it, you would need to contact the car park company directly.

If you have another friend or relative collecting your child, please can you also make sure that they’re aware of the car park rules.


If your child buys food from the CWS cafe please can you ensure that their ParentPay account is sufficiently topped up each day.

The School cafe provides healthy breakfasts, morning break snacks and mid-day meals for which parents pay through ParentPay and students choose through our cashless catering biometric system. All menus and price lists are available on the school website. Students may bring a packed lunch though must support the school’s healthy nutrition ethos. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises during the day.


At Coombe Wood School we believe that home learning is a vital part of student development.  We now use Google Classroom to set homework.  Further information about how homework will be set this academic year will be provided in due course. In the meantime, we encourage students to use the curriculum booklet on our school website to develop their understanding of each subject.  The curriculum booklets contain a wealth of information and suggestions for activities and tasks that students can independently take part in.  

After School Clubs

CWS provides a range of clubs, both sporting and non-sporting - full details will be sent via parent communications and will be on the website. For sporting clubs we use a system called SOCS for students to register - full details on how to use this will be provided once students start.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Please can you ensure that you and your child know each morning whether they are staying late for any activities and that they know their arrangements for getting home. This will save students having to come to the office to call home. 

Representing the School

Students are expected to place the School as a first priority when selected for extra-curricular activities. It is an honour to represent the School and attendance at practices and school fixtures is required. 

SIMS Parent

CWS uses an online system, SIMS Parent,  which will enable you to see your child's reports and timetable and update contact, medical, dietary and parental consent details. You will be given login details when your child starts. 

Parental Conduct 

It is important that parents work in partnership with the school and understand their role in promoting a peaceful and safe school environment. Parents are asked to communicate with all members of our community in a respectful and courteous manner; a manner in which they themselves would wish to be addressed. Should you have any concerns please contact your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance. 

Coombe Wood School Policies

School policies and key documents are available on the School’s website It is the parents’/carers’ responsibility to ensure they are familiar with the School’s policies and to be aware that these policies can change and be updated throughout the School year.


The School has an insurance policy which covers accidental injury sustained during all school activities.  Details are available on request.