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Key Teaching Staff Contacts

To contact any member of staff, in the first instance please email

Name Role

Mr B. Laker


Mr D. Holding

Assistant Headteacher, Learning and Teaching

Mrs N. Lattimore

Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr W. Smith

Senior Teacher, Health Related Fitness

Ms N. Choudhury

Senior Teacher, English

Ms E. Cragg

Head of English, 7 Henman

Mr A. Choudhury

Head of Maths, Whole School Numeracy Lead, 7 Romero

Miss E. Barrett

Head of Science, 8 Campbell

Mrs S. Gent

SENCO and Teacher of History, 7 Coleridge

To contact please email and mark for the attention of the SENCO

Miss Z. Jennings-Grant

Head of Year 7, Transition teacher

Mr T. Clarke

Head of Year 8, Teacher of History

Mrs G. Clark

Whole school literacy lead, Teacher of English, 8 Romero

Mrs E. O'Connor

Teacher of MFL, 8 Johnson

Mrs E. Rushton

Teacher of Performing Arts, 8 Fairfield

Mrs K. Hadjipavlis

Teacher of MFL, 7 Campbell

Mrs K. Alemu

Teacher of Maths, 7 Johnson

Miss L. Day

Teacher of Art and DT, 8 Coleridge

Mr M. Ayres

Teacher of Computer Science

Miss P. Yadave

Transition Teacher, Tutor Time Interventions

Mr R. Harrison

Teacher of Art and DT, 8 Henman

Miss R. Witherspoon

Teacher of Geography, 7 Fairfield

Ms S. Harris

Teacher of Geography, (7 Fairfield linked tutor)