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We believe that a smart school uniform is essential in expressing a school's attitude towards learning and the passion it shares with its community in looking smart, feeling smart and being smart.  Students will wear their uniform with pride, demonstrating a love for their school and a love of learning.  We ask that parents and carers share our passion for their child to wear their uniform with pride ensuring they leave the house in the morning fully prepared for learning and for what the day has to offer.

Parents/Carers - like you, we want CWS students to be proud of their uniform and to look professional and smart at all times.  However, detailed a school’s uniform policy is, there will always be shoes, clothes, jewellery or haircuts that ‘push the boundaries’ and fall into the grey area between acceptable and unacceptable.  We want to be celebrating our students’ appearance, not disputing it with you.  Please do not put us in the difficult situation of having to exercise our right to sanction an item of clothing or a haircut that falls in to this grey area.  Please stick to the uniform expectations outlined above at all times. 

If you are considering buying an item that may be ‘borderline’ please do contact us first to seek advice on whether we will accept it or not.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation over this matter.

CWS Uniform 

The CWS uniform is as follows:

  • CWS grey badged and trimmed blazer (to be worn by both girls and boys)
  • A white collared shirt - top button done up and tucked in - long or short sleeved but not polo shirts or blouses
  • CWS grey V-neck sweater / from September 2023 can also be a plain Grey V-neck (neither compulsory)
  • Black tailored trousers - not skin tight (may be worn by boys or girls)
  • CWS black trimmed and pleated school skirt (knee length) - this is the only acceptable skirt that may be worn at school (to be worn by girls only)
  • CWS House Tie - please see below for details
  • Black socks/tights
  • Black polished, leather shoes with a black sole
  • Suitable/sensible bag for carrying books and PE kit 

Uniform Size Guide Diagram 

CWS Girls Uniform Size Guide 

CWS Boys Uniform Size Guide 

CWS Boys Trousers Size Guide 

Please note School ties may no longer be purchased from the online CWS shop.                                          From August 2023 ties can only be bought from Stevensons. The tie you buy will relate to the House your child is in.

Our CWS Houses are - Campbell, Johnson, Fairfield, Romero, Coleridge and Henman

CWS Sports Uniform

The following items are compulsory items of sports kit:

  • CWS Hoodie
  • CWS Tracksuit Bottoms

Sports Kit Size Guide

To order all your CWS Uniform and Sports Kit requirements, please click on the link below. Delivery will be made directly to your home.

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